My artwork is both inspired by, and a result of, my nomadic surfer lifestyle. I have chosen a life less ordinary in pursuit of my creative passion, and in doing so I have made my Art my Life. What I create, is Who I am.
My Art and my Life is a constant and evolving exploration of travel, culture, nature, design, surfing, horses, photography, tarot, colour, textures, textiles, taoism, and all things tropical.
All of my Artwork is created by hand, with my preferred medium being acrylic paint on canvas or wood. However, my formal training in Graphic Design (specialising in Textile Prints) has influenced my Art, and blending the traditional Artistic techniques with computer-based Design has been instrumental in developing my unique style.
I believe magic is created through collaboration, therefore working with a talented team of like-minded individuals to create bespoke Artistic pieces that contribute to a beautifully curated space is my favourite form of creative expression.
To date, I have painted over 200 murals and countless pieces of custom Artwork that are on display in residential, commercial and retail settings in:
California, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Peru.
If you are interested in commissioning custom @pepallama Murals or Artwork, please contact me with the details of your project at